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LPEC has designed more than 1,000 projects from medium sizes to mega sizes, including plants, process units, oil terminals, long-distance oil & gas pipelines and municipal infrastructures for the petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas, coal to liquids, coal chemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, with projects distributed 30 provinces, municipal cities and autonomous regions in China, and has developed its unique, cutting-edge engineering technologies in crude distillation, fluidized catalytic cracking, delayed coking, hydrotreating, continuous catalytic reforming, PX production, hydrogen production, oil and gas storage and transportation, LNG, coal to chemical and coal to liquid fields, which have contributed greatly to the development and technological progress of petroleum refining, petrochemical, coal to liquid, coal to chemical and LNG industries. As the result, LPEC has accumulated extensive experiences in project engineering design supported by advanced design, calculation, simulation and management software such as Marian, PDS/PDMS, Intools, Smartplant PIMS, Documentum, etc. The design procedures, design methods and design organization are in line with global practices which can meet the requirements of both domestic and overseas clients.

In refinery engineering, LPEC develops different process flows for different crude oils based on the design experience for varieties of crudes in the world and typical crude to provide a number of options to clients. Especially, LPEC has successfully developed the process flows for processing sulfur crude, which show satisfactory operational performance.

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