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     SINOPEC Luoyang Engineering Co.,Ltd(Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering corporation/SINOPEC), whose former name is "Fushun Design Institute was founded in October, 1956. On April 6, 2012, it became  a stock company under SINOPEC. LPEC, together with Guangzhou excution center, is a high-tech enterprise  which performs both as a process licensor and an EPC contractor in China's energy and chemical industries.  It has Class A qualification certificates for project engineering, and it is one of earliest engineering consulting companies in China, whose business covers 21 industries. It has passed the authentication of QHSE management system and ISO10015 traning management system. In 2008, it won "China May 1 Labor Day Prize". In 2009, it was honored as "Self-innovation Company" by China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association. In 2011, it was honored as "China National Harmonious Company of Good Labor Relationship" . In 2012, it ranked 16th in the 60 Top Chinese Design Firms Listings and 6th in Strongest EPC Contractor Listings by Engineering News Record (ENR).

     LPEC is headquartered in Luoyang, Henan Province and Guangzhou Excution center is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. It has a strong technical force of different specialties for project engineering design, research & development (R&D), project management and operation management, etc. By the end of 2012, there were 2102 registered people working for LPEC, including Mr. Chen Junwu, who is the founder of China's FCC technologies and the senior academician of CAS, 3 national design masters, 4 design masters of petrochemical industry, 21 experts with Chinese government's special allowance, 67 senior professorate engineers, 777 senior engineers and 414 national registered engineers.

      LPEC has the advantages of integrated project engineering and research & development (R&D). It has successfully completed the national and SINOPEC's key R & D programs on residue oil hydrotreating, low-pressure combination-bed catalytic reforming, flexible effective fluid catalytic cracking FDFCC), methanol to olefin (DMTO), etc. By the end of 2012, it won 35 items of National Science and Technology Advance Award (including invention award), 26 items of National Excellent Engineering Design Award, 260 items of provincial and ministerial Science and Technology Advance Award (including invention award) and 76 items of provincial and minsterial Excellent Engineering Design Award. It has attained 390 active patents authorized by the state and foreign patent adminstration authorities. It has state-of-art processes and technologies of unique features in petroleum refining, petrochemical process, coal to chemical and plant design etc. Over 1000 large and medium size projects completed by LPEC are distributed over 31 provinces, metropolitans and autonomous regions in China. In addition, LPEC has successfully executed the engineering design, procurement and EPC contracting for over 50 overseas refinery and petrochemical projects in Asia, Europe and Africa independently or in cooperation with foreign engineering firms. 

     In the past several years, LPEC has made a great effort to develop the domestic and overseas markets to build the company into a world leading-edge engineering firm based upon the orientation of value management and the work principles of "Learning, Renovation, Creation and Development" and by the implementation of globalization strategy, innovation strategy and integration strategy.

   At present, SINOPEC Luoyang Engineering Co.,Ltd(Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering corporation/SINOPEC) and SINOPEC Guangzhou Engineering Co.,Ltd are implementing the integrated operation of "two brands, one set of personnel forces".

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